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COTS CASE STUDIES : Innovative Target Operating Model design for Adobe E-Signature

At Twote Consulting, we innovate and optimise your core Business Processes with off-the-shelf software, Adobe E-signature, Cloud based application.

Customers today expect to be treated as individuals with real-time, personalised services and connected experiences: anywhere, anytime and on any device.

To meet those requirements, we suggest a digital transformation to our business partner, a major global Bank. Our client only agrees to go through a digital transformation under two antagonist objectives: cost saving and sustainable revenue growth.

At Twote Consulting we thought the best way to satisfy those antagonist objectives is to minimise the business model disruption and keep the fundamentals. So, we came with the idea to embed the new technologies as capability and extend the customer interaction model to the new capabilities under the current operating model. Our innovative thinking and our expertise allows us to effectively consider the digital technologies as capabilities, leveraging on the flexibility of Cloud based solution and integrating the technologies to the client business core. We provide strategy, planning, change management and deployment.

The client can capture the customers’ applications in near real time and process the applications over 70% faster than the traditional way. The customer receives the electronic documents on its mobile device, can sign online and send back at its convenience: most convenient customer’s experience. These newfound digital capabilities have allowed our client to create a distinctive edge that sets them ahead of all their competitors, all while staying true to their operating model and personalised customer services. So, whether a customer finds their perfect fit in-branch or using their mobile device, they’ll always have the personalised distinction of being a privileged customer of our client. We go beyond our client expectations as we deliver the transformation programme ahead of schedule, a costing saving higher than planned by 40% and a sustainable revenue growth ahead of schedule by 10%. Furthermore, the transformation has been adopted by the staff and the customers embrace the digital way for their day to day operations.

With our holistic approach we keep the current operating model of our client, we extend the customer interaction model to the digital capabilities across all business and all worldwide markets.

We take from the agreed customer interaction model to design the end to end architecture and the solution embedding the technologies into the processes. We implement and deploy the solution across the world with our partners Adobe and Amazon Web Services.

Based on our philosophy, we help our clients realise optimised operations, supporting organization, and enabling IT. Based on the first results, the client extends the transformation scope, bringing in more businesses and processes. We use the KPIs to suggest and implement improvements. We use proven change management cloud based techniques that enable an efficient staff training and a quicker adoption.

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