Knowing where to go
is important
reaching your goals
the real achievement
We stand for
resilience & commitment
to our clients
Twote Consulting’s philosophy is founded on the commitment for helping our clients to implement their vision throughout the Target Operating Model Design, the Business Process Reengineering, the relevant Information System and Security Deployment and the Change management in order to enable true Benefit realisation.

We deliver what we promise, to the highest quality and beyond our client expectations.


Twote consulting is a specialised niche consulting firm offering all competencies
needed to support the companies for their Digital transformation.

Our consultants are highly skilled and have distinctive functional and industry sectors experience.

Many companies nowadays invest heavily in digital technologies to drive their transformation and expect cost saving and revenue growth. Less than 10% are leveraging their investments to realise their expectations, cost saving and revenue growth. The main reason is that those companies are just implementing digital technologies.

Twote Consulting helps clients to create the best customer experiences from their web portal throughout the entire customer journey. We create the new and most convenient ways to do business with the customers and addressing the customers’ most complex challenges.

How we do? At Twote Consulting, we evangelise do not think digital, but to be digital, digital at core by bringing together Digital Technologies with the Best Business ideas and Target Operating Model.

Record to report

Now than ever, Finance department is under increasing pressure to deliver value and make sense of growing mounds of data, getting a clear vision of where you are and where you need to go can prove difficult.

We deeply understand the finance function, industry-specific needs, and the global issues involved. Given the complexity of the decision-making, we design an approach to help you simplify your finance operations and position your organization to meet evolving business demands. The approach encompasses a breakdown of your challenges and a build of a path to help you move forward.

Visualise the goals, Explore possibilities and Support Decision making.

Business Intelligence

Capitalise on data-driven insights and provide outstanding service and support to differentiate the company from the competition and build true brand advocates among customers.

Landed cost analysis: visibility into total research, development, production and operational costs based on purchasing, intra-group cession, insurance, freight and any other associated cost.

Supply Chain, Planning & Optimisation

Define network design, vendor selection and organizational design and change management strategies.

Drive Supply Chain assessments, Design Supply Chain & Operations processes, Select technology and Implement roadmaps. Drive demand planning and forecasting to improve accuracy, optimize production, raise resource and inventory utilization.

Reduce build time and ensure the effective use of production capacity and reduce unproductive labour and resource consumption.

Sourcing, Procurement & Demand Fulfilment

Identify and define a procurement strategy, operations and systems.

Use vendor management programs to manage new suppliers and the end-to-end relationship.

Efficiently collaborate and leverage best practices and continuous improvement initiatives to refine the source-to-pay process.


Leverage mobile technology to control and execute processes in your business (Production, Logistics, Finance…).

Utilise pre-defined mobile applications for a faster on boarding to a mobile strategy.


Beyond our core competencies and our people, our core values are those values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves every day in everything we do.

We have an entire universe of values, but some of them are a part of our DNA that in an ever-changing world, we abide by.
Quality Leadership in Business Process & Technology Innovation

We are true pioneers and experts in emerging technologies and applications.

We strive to continuously exceed customer expectations and holistically design processes by leveraging state of the art technology, ensuring that process design is fully compatible with software standards and the customer’s strategy.

Execution Capability and Long-term commitment to delivering true business value

We are focused on delivering simplicity, not on building new layers of complexity into your enterprise.
With our GLOCAL model (Global presence with Local execution capability) and core principal to recruit the best consultants, we are able to provide consistently high quality of solution delivery for global standards and roll outs. Since 2013, as a company that is 100% employee-owned, we pride ourselves on our unique stability and commitment to our Clients, Business partners and our People.

We are industry experts

We speak your language and are experts in the business process.

For many years, we have supported well-known Public sector department, Financial services firms, Life science major companies, known retailers and manufacturing firms across Africa, Europe and Asia in successfully optimizing their business through innovative processes, finding the best solutions for their business, implementing best fit SAP solutions and organizational development.

our people

We stand for resilience and commitment to our people.

We live our values and take pride in attracting and retaining the industry's brightest minds to form our distinct perspectives. It is their diverse set of skills, personalities and experiences that makes us one of the non-hierarchical niche consulting leading company. Our people on a team are encouraged to voice their opinions, deal with the diversity in clients, and suggest solutions as everyone is expected to actively contribute to the overall success of the project.

At Twote Consulting, we believe that to achieve sustainable success, we need to grow in a responsible way and meet the expectations of our customers, regulators, employees and the wider community. This belief is reflected in the values that are at the heart of our culture and guide us in our day-to-day operations. We want all our employees to act with integrity, help create an inclusive working environment, respect and be involved into local communities and the environment.

At Twote Consulting, we understand that employee development is crucial to our continued business success. We encourage entrepreneurial spirit. Also, we support our employees through personal development, training and career opportunities. Employee development starts with understanding of the needs of our people through our global survey every year to identify employee concerns and determine what priorities we should set to meet our employees’ expectations.