Twote Consulting counts Business Partners from various sectors :

E-commerce, Financial services, Healthcare sector, Insurance, Manufacturing, Life science, Public sector, etc.

What Clients Say?

Beyond a shadow of doubt about niche consulting firms, Twote consulting is actually a true niche player with highly skilled and experienced consultants able to meet and go beyond your expectations I have ever come across. Their professionalism, experience and added value were shown from Day 1.

John Smith


The consultants at Twote Consulting are thorough professionals and always go that extra mile to help the clients. They act and treat us with the truth believe that each client and each business transformation is specific and take into account our specificities to come with the best fit of solution.

Anna Hue Wong


I would not hesitate even one bit to work with Twote Consulting for our next wave of Digital transformation. They embrace everything with their holistic approach and pay attention to each detail. The consultants are always seeking what makes our business stays ahead of our competitors.

Alexander Bradley


key challenges

1 - Consumer markets are changing faster and faster, mostly enabled by new technologies and applications.
2 - Today, customers are able to order from almost anywhere :
  • They expect to choose how they receive and return the goods
  • They receive offers via social media or phones
  • They rate all aspects of their experiences almost instantly
3 - Additionally, new technologies have enabled new supply chain models as exemplified by Amazon, Uber, Google Express, etc.
4 - The speed and the depth of these changes require a knowledgeable partner with proven technology leadership that understands how to innovate business and IT.


Twote Consulting delivers End-to-End value through Business and Digital Transformation, Information System Deployment and Change management and Operational Excellence – Continuing improvement.

Twote Consulting is a niche consulting firm able to assist you for your Business and Digital transformation journey. We start the journey with our vision and our business strategy.

The transformation journey takes us through the Target Operating Model able to meet and deliver our expected outcomes. Then, we help to define the Information System strategy able to support the Target Operating Model before assessing the strategy and gaining our endorsements.

From the vision and our client’s strategy, we jointly conduct through structured workshops with the customer, a high-level Organisation, Business Process and Technology review. Based on the Best Practice, we design the Target Operating Model (TOM) able to deliver the expected business benefits and meet our client’s strategic and operational objectives.

What Information System strategy to support the agreed Target Operating Model?

One of the most strategic questions is about Owning or Renting your Information System infrastructure and software? Premises or Cloud or simply a mix of them? Also, House development or ERP, off-the-shelf software (COTS) strategy?

Several companies nowadays are leaning increasingly towards renting licenses together with a bundle of services such as hosting, Application Management and support services. Using this approach, the investment costs to our customers will transform into plannable and better manageable operational costs with the flexibility to adapt licensing and IT infrastructure in accordance with changing business requirements.

Once the strategy explained agreed and owned, we focus on defining the implementation approach and building the related implementation plan which we share with you. We provide a detailed implementation approach and several levels of implementation plans. We review together the approach and the plans. We make sure you are fully on board and we fully endorse the target Information System implementation approach and plans.

Many firms today enjoy rapid growth, but are constrained by their systems that are not in sync with changing organisational structures and processes. When facing new challenges, companies often find that their systems cannot easily adapt to their business models and processes. This has often led to development of peripheral, and in some cases disparate systems, making it difficult for the organisation to swiftly manage change in business or Information systems.

Twote Consulting specialises in bridging the gaps between information technology and your organisation’s business strategy and decision-making needs.

To begin with, integrated reporting is about connecting information about an organisation’s current decisions with its future prospects; connecting information about strategy, risk, remuneration and performance; and recognising that the economy, environment and society are inseparable and therefore information provided to understand an organisation’s performance in each of these areas needs to be viewed as part of a whole. Integrated reporting helps boards of directors to see the issues they face more clearly, and enables them to explain their business rationale to stakeholders with greater clarity and authority.

We start the Information System deployment journey with an important Architecture phase on Function, Technology and Security to make sure we get the most complete view of the solution at the earliest stage and we design the most flexible and evolutive solution. Once the architecture is agreed with our client, we start the application selection and kick off the change management.

We pride ourselves on our process-oriented and product-blind approach to choosing a solution that will be most feasible given the identified improvement opportunities, the current environment and a client’s strategy in order to deliver a maximum business value and benefit realisation for your organisation.

Our company philosophy is to help our customers realise their target processes in conjunction with relevant solutions (ERP or non-ERP, SAP or non-SAP) and new technologies. While doing so, we use proven change management techniques and remain cognizant of the change management that it entails and ensure that due consideration is given to the organisational requirements starting from and going beyond the definition of new roles and responsibilities and running all the way up to training and enablement.

Standing still means going backwards. Therefore, after the successful launch of a deployment, a professional support to maintain operational excellence plays a vital role to keep our client’s competitive advantage within their industry.

Twote Consulting offers customer tailored support services on a global basis and, constantly together with the client, looking to improve the client Organisation, Business Processes and Solutions.

Capital markets are a broad category of markets facilitating the buying and selling of financial instruments. In particular, there are two categories of financial instruments that capital in which markets are involved. These are equity securities, which are often known as stocks, and debt securities, which are often known as bonds. Capital markets involve the issuing of stocks and bonds for medium-term and long-term durations, generally terms of one year or more.

We use several ways including Health checks, KPI to identify the gaps and the improvement opportunities. Based on industry best practices, we develop the action plans, estimate expected benefits, establish the priorities and implement the changes accordingly.

We offer smart business KPI checks and continuous analysis and evaluation of potential process optimisations.

Change management does not stop at go-live. In fact, to maintain operational excellence it is important to continue training the staff, to resolve road blocks immediately and ensure expert support.

We offer regular analysis and evaluation of current operations and solutions with the goal of identifying further solution improvement opportunities. For our SAP clients for instance, we especially look for additional benefits from SAP enhancement packs and new releases.